The psychotherapy office of Lisa Routh, Psy.D. provides services to people in the following areas:


Counseling & Therapy

I have a Psy.D. degree in clinical psychology, with an emphasis on marriage/family/child counseling.  Since starting practice in 1994, I have followed up on the formal education with dozens of continuing education classes.  See my bio page for more information.

You will no doubt come across many qualified therapists.  But just as important as qualifications and abilities is whether the therapist and client get along!  Unless the client feels comfortable enough with the therapist to open up, the counseling will be unproductive.   I offer clients a comfortable, confidential, and relaxed environment.  Furthermore, I have an eclectic approach, which means I use whatever approach works with each client, rather than being stuck to one method.

I counsel individuals on a multitude of issues, ranging from depression, anxiety, phobias, anger issues and grief counseling.  I also counsel couples in crisis, assisting them in overcoming their marital difficulties. Along with family counseling, helping to reconcile turmoil within the family.

Parenting classes in both group or private setting are also available. These classes assist parents with their parenting abilities. For more information please contact us.

Reintegration Therapy

Therapy designed to help reintroduce an parent into a child's life after a prolonged period of absence or after incidents of parental alienation. This therapy often includes individual sessions with both parents and children, as well as family sessions.I am trained in this area

Supervised Parenting

In some situations, a judge will order that a parent's time with a child be supervised.  I offer parents and children a safe, non-threatening and friendly environment, and assist in developing the parent-child relationship with the goal of rendering supervision unnecessary.






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